The Terasa & Delicious Mici

Iata o pastisa din prezentarea gastro-oenologica a tarii nostre de pe, varianta pentru straini (adica in engleza, oameni buni). Baietii scriu cu multa ironie, si daca va simtiti ofensati, well...s-ar putea sa nu fie vina lor.

WINE for Everyone! No, Really!

"It should be noted that wine in Romania is not always enjoyed in the same way that wine is treated in English-speaking countries.

Wine is often used as a mixer to make spritz. After a soccer game, you’ll find players sitting at the local terasa (outdoor beer garden with food) pouring a cola into their Premiat wine. Clubs in particular have the habit of serving a bottle of chilled rose with some cola or lemonade mixers rather grandly on a tray. Try Club Manele in Bucharest for such fine banquette-side service. Yes, we’re being sarcastic now."

Give it a try! You might enjoy it!

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